Sunday, March 13, 2011

Current Projects!

I have a few on the go at the moment, some for me, and some for flood relief quilts, but I suppose that's normal for a quilter! I've got so many quilts that i have started that I never really know what to do next! I suppose I'd better list them all here!

1. Purple hexagons single bed quilt for my daughter. This one is done in varegated purples in four shades, in lines across the quilt in four colours. I havn't decided on a border yet for this, so it has fallen by the wayside until I find the perfect fabric to finish it off, but apart form the border, the quilt top itself is completed. This is the first quilt I have ever made, and I must say, it turned out rather nice!

2. Scrappy squares queen size quilt for myself in William Morris fabrics, the purple and teal tones.This one is just randomly offset squares, about six inch, in two different prints each of teal and purple. Super simple, but I plan to jazz it up by following the patterns in the fabrics to let them speak for themselves. The quilt top is complete, but once again I am at a loss for what to use for a border fabric.

3.Tiny hexagon quilt, not sure if it will be a single, double or queen or even lap quilt yet. I was given a bag of semi completed hexagons, the design that was worked so far was a lemon yellow center, 6 plain hexagons around that, then 12 patterned hexagons around them. These are all surrounded by plain white cotton. Rather cute and refreshing really, but a lot of work, so I think it may end up in a few lap quilts, as life is getting a bit hectic! This will be a donation quilt, Im just not sure yet if it will go to Queensland or Victoria. 

4. Purple Dear Jane... I'm not sure if I am going to continue with this one, I really love the design of the Jane Stickle quilt, but I'm not really loving the purples that I have used so far. Most likely I will add a few to the blocks that I have done so far and turn it into a lap quilt or wall hanging. But... I will definitely be making another Dear Jane quilt, as they just seem to scream of simpler times, and working them allows me to slip away and daydream. 

5. This one kind of came about by mistake. A friend gave me a little package of what she thought were redwork stitcheries she acquired through a swap. When I got them home and had a look, the top one was a redwork stitchery, and the bottom 6 were blanks of calico and batting that hadn't been stitched yet. In the package were patterns for some gorgeous little raggedy anne girls in different poses. They were just begging for a little girls room to live in, so I am doing them on white in purple, blue, green, a pale orange, pink and turquoise, so it shouldn't be too hard to find some pretty fabrics to pretty them up.

I am also tossing around the idea of making an embroidered quilt in skull designs or tattoo designs from UrbanThreads in blacks, silver, and brights. Their designs are ultra hot, Im just in love with them all!

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